About Candy Candy

In 2006, Helena Garcia, the creator of Candy Candy started selling fashion jewellery and hair accessories to shops in Leeds' famous Victoria Quarter. This journey, however, began many years ago. 

Helena's interest in fashion dates back to her childhood when she would create her own accessories, favouring them to the traditional jewellerey available in shops.  

After moving to England to finish her university degree Helena worked in various industries before realising that her true passion lay in fashion.  She set up a small workshop at her home in Leeds and started designing and creating items of jewellery and hair accessories. 

Although this costume jewellery was at first intended for her own personal use, after receiving many compliments from friends and even passers by Helena decided to offer her stock to a few local outlets.

Since then she has not looked back and Candy Candy has evolved into an eclectic world of beautiful and individually crafted fashionable accessories.

In Spring 2012, six years after selling those first hair accessories, Helena opened her own shop in the beautifully renovated Corn Exchange in Leeds.  This new boutique has drawn amazingly positive feedback from all visiters and shoppers and reflects the quirky, fun and vibrant style that has become the Candy Candy trademark.

If you are intersted in finding out more about Candy Candy, please feel free to contact us.



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