Everyday is Halloween

If you follow the Candy Candy brand, it will be apparent how much 'Halloween’ plays a huge part within it. Therefore it seemed only too obvious to create a section in the online shop dedicated to this ancient festivity. We now present you with the ‘Everyday is Halloween’ category. As the title clearly explains, this section is not seasonal, it is here to stay.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate gothic accessories into your home without making it look ridiculous, but if you do want to go gothic crazy then good for you! Your house your rules!

I had a little look around on the internet and found the most fascinating home accessories and furniture fit for any room in the house. For example,  this bat chandelier is a reproduction of an early 20th century antique.  It would fit in pretty much any room in the house. In my lounge, it would go perfectly since I have a very dark, wooden, old fashioned style bookcase with a ladder. I’m afraid that at $12,000 I might give it a miss though.

Even the nursery can become gothic. This wallpaper is a Victorian reproduction from I’ve loved it from the day I randomly found it. And look at this crib, Morticia Adams eat your heart out.

Other items I found and loved were this glass blown bat light pull from Horton and Donna Beverly, and these bat wall sconces and door knockers! How much fun can you have with all these?!



If you just want to add little touches of spooky, we have the perfect selection of items for you. Our Victorian Lady and gentleman wall plaques would look delightful above the mantel piece filled with old books and candelabras. Or try even adding some of the potion bottles too.

I have the Victorian framed pictures in the bathroom and I love them there.

The ribbons and old bobbins are great for all sort of uses, and even when you finish them you can display the reels on a shelf.  We even have a sweatshirt and tshirt for the big day itself.  More items will be added as the weeks go by so keep checking our website regularly and remember that every day can be Halloween if you want it to be!